The Great Maya Aquifer

Exploring a hidden world beneath the Yucatán Peninsula Southeast Mexico is rich in caves. This extraordinary underworld has influenced human activity for thousands of years. Now a project dedicated to understanding and preserving this realm is shedding new light on the archaeology of the Yucatán Peninsula, as Guillermo de Anda told Matthew Symonds. The Spanish invaders […]

Last Supper in Pompeii

The enjoyment of food and drink, the essence of life, was deeply ingrained in Roman society. Beyond mere nutrition, food and wine played vital roles in people’s social lives, business lives, spiritual lives, and afterlives. We have details about Roman dishes from a range of texts, such as Petronius’ Satyricon, with its account of decadent dining […]

Circles of stone

Exploring the monuments of Jomon Japan Numerous ancient stone circles are known in Japan, but how and why were these monuments built? Simon Kaner examines what these enigmatic structures can tell us about a key period of Japanese prehistory. The Jomon peoples of northern Japan were unusual among foraging societies for being great monument-builders. They […]

Serabit Sphinx

What is it? This small Egyptian figure, carved out of red sandstone around 1800 BC, depicts a familiar mythical creature: the sphinx. It was perhaps a votive offering to the goddess Hathor; Egyptian hieroglyphs inscribed on the sphinx’s right shoulder read ‘beloved of Hathor, mistress of turquoise’. The nose is broken, the head has been […]

Discover Muğla Province

Muğla province sits on the coast of the Aegean Sea, in south-west Türkiye. In the past, the area has been home to many different peoples, including the ancient Anatolian Carians and the Leleges – described in Homer’s Iliad as allies of the Trojans. The region’s rich history is reflected in the abundance of ancient ruins found scattered […]

Digging Caesar’s Forum

Three thousand years of daily life in Rome Fresh traces of urban life spanning almost three millennia are coming to light in central Rome. New Danish-Italian excavations have uncovered far more than Caesar’s monumental forum project. Delving through archaeological layers, while traveling back in time from Mussolini’s 1930s constructions, Jan Kindberg Jacobsen, Eva Mortensen, Claudio […]

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